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We got grade medical marijuana strains and a variety of other cannabis products. We do home deliveries. A safe delivery is guaranteed. If you are interested just let us know by contacting us

We have several products in stock, visit our website for full list of the type of strains we have got in stock.

we provide buds to individuals and collectives straight from the Grow house. Frosty dense nugs with Grade AA++ very potent with a high htc level of 16 to 28% .A lot of work has been put in to make this medical marijuana strains ~~~-shelf .Our strains are all T0p shelf grade AA++, a good taste + incredibly strong nose . We move weights out of state with no complications, not more than 7units at a time, discreet and safe USPS, we can start small and build up ,look forward to establish a long term business with regular supply Take a look at what we have available :


-Pound. . .. . .. . .. $1200- $2000
-HP. . .. . .. . .. . .. . ..$600 - $8000
-QP. . .. . .. . .. . .. . ..$300  - $400
-OZ .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. $145 - $250

Pink Runtz, Tropical Fire, Blue Cookie, Northern Lights, Wedding Crasher, Super Glue, Master OG, Cheese Cake, Pinatonic, Girls Scout Cookie ,Apple pie ,Pink Runtz, Purple punch #2 ,Kandy kush mintz ,Kandy kush mintz ,Poptartz- Og kush-Super og .

We also Carry vape pen & Vape Cartridges.
Leave us a text for easy communication, will get back to you as soon as i can.

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