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We are experienced growers and are licensed for cultivation/ distribution. We are on budbay to unload some of our product to the East Coast’s SERIOUS buyers. Majority of our product is moved through big distribution companies and sold in dispensaries but At this point we have too much for them to handle. We grow unbelievable Weed. We are not interested in small buyers, Or people trying to waste our time. We are a businessman, honest as they get, and have been doing this for a very long time and we know how corrupt the industry has become. If you want to work with some actual OG farmers with great prices direct to the source give us a call!! ☆-We have a variety of edibles, all concentrates including cartridges, distillate it in bulk (1-2 liter minimum) ♡Boutique indoor, ♡AAA deps ♡outdoor and many other options for our clients.

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